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Expect the totally unexpected!

Are you longing for a retreat from the stresses and strains of the city?  To a place that’s free from noise, pollution, crime, and the incessant ringing of mobile phones … a place where you can sleep safely with your bedroom window wide open? Then treat yourself to a stay at Southermost B&B. We’re right on the ocean front at Cape Agulhas, the southern tip of Africa where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Architecturally unique and built in 1929, this peaceful old beach home was the first private residence to be built in Cape Agulhas and remains the most southern on the African continent.

In our efforts to retain Southermost as a historic beach front home, our ablution facilities, although modernised, are not en-suite. Arrangements can be made, however, for private toilet and shower facilities to be made available for guests in our best room.

Please note that we close during the winter months.


Southermost and Cape Agulhas Lighthouse reflected in the tidal poolSouthermost's indigenous garden

Southermost (1929) and the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse (1849) reflected in a tidal pool.   Southermosts indigenous garden right on the ocean front.


Tranquil Honeymoon RoomView from Honeymoon Room

Southermost B&B. The tranquil Honeymoon Room southernmost private bedroom in Africa


Southermost Gallery RoommegforinternetClosed for winter months

        Southermost B&B - our cosy Gallery Room.                    Your host: Meg Cowper-Lewis                   Our indigenous garden



A stay at Southermost is not expensive. This coming summer season (2013/2014) our rooms will be priced between R370,00 and R390,00 per person per night. Our rates are competitive with the very few ocean-front establishments around, and are particularly attractive to guests with foreign currency.  You may wish to visit to see what a stay would cost in your currency.

Prices vary according to season.  Rates include a self-service vegetarian breakfast comprising fruit or juice, yoghurt, muesli and/or cornflakes, traditional Afrikaner beskuit, and good filter coffee or a choice of teas.  Although our ablution facilities are not ensuite, arrangements can be made for the facilities to be for the private use of our Honeymoon Room guests.  Guests also have the use of a charming reading room with refrigerator and beverage-making equipment.  Our large indigenous garden has quiet benches and views from every corner.  A special treat at night is to see the subtle glow of the historic Cape Agulhas Lighthouse shining its gentle light over the house, the garden, and the southern oceans.

In order to retain an atmosphere of rest, retreat and tranquillity, we regret we are unable to accommodate children under ten, and we ask that, should you need to use your mobile phone, you do so off our property.  Furthermore, the entire Southermost property, including the garden, is a smoke-free zone.


Southermost’s Eco-friendly Policy

We, at Southermost, are aware of the precarious place in which our beleaguered planet finds itself today.  In order to minimise our carbon footprint, we try our best to:

v  Reduce our carbon footprint by supporting the concepts of recycling, restoring, repairing and reusing wherever we are able.

v  Compost all our organic kitchen waste.

v  Grow only indigenous vegetation without the use of any pesticides in our predominantly water-wise garden.

v  Eat fresh vegetarian, local, seasonal, organic and unprocessed food whenever we can.

v  Wear mainly natural fibres.

v  Minimise the use of toxic cleaning and other chemicals within our home and our B&B.

v  Support environmentally-friendly and renewable energy sources. 



(taken from the Southermost Visitors’ Book)


·         Meinert Manshande, Amsterdam, 6 April 2002: “Exactly 350 years after Van Riebeeck visited your country, I visited the most beautiful house at the most southern tip of Africa!”

·         Amanda and Wayne, Australia, 29 August 2002:  “We loved the house, we loved the lighthouse, we loved the hospitality, but most of all we loved the company! Thankyou so much for the memories.”

·         Frederik, Daniel and Lea, Scandinavia, 9 Dec 2002: “What a house! An architects dream. Chaos and order in a great mix … Lovely place!”

·         Andrea Ebner and Mike Friebose, Germany, 23 Dec 2002: “Thanks so much for letting us in. It’s one of the most amazing, beautiful, and interesting places I’ve ever seen (especially the details!)”

·         Claudio and Paola, Italy, 31 Dec 2002: “Fantastic atmosphere! You can breath the dream! Please Meg, don’t change anything!”

·         Andrew Fynn, Sussex and California, 16-20 April 1004: “A spiritual home.  A source of unending peace. An eternal touchstone. A beacon. A fresh or warm breeze, the beauty of the fynbos, birds, wildlife. A simple life, well-lived.”

·         Silke and Philipp, Germany, 3 Jan 2005: “My English is not good enough to describe this beautiful place! But I hope to come back again to stay in this nice little room in this adorable house with you, Meg.”

·         Szilvia and Andrej, Berlin, 16, 23-26 Feb, 2005: “Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, peaceful … we love to come back. We love your place!!! Thank you Meg!”, “Thanks a lot for making these days so special—we love your place and we’re sure coming back to see you soon—better than every five-star hotel!!!”, and, “We come back for HONEYMOON.” (And they did, in March 2006!)

·         Regina, Manuel and Stefanie, Bremen, Germany, 20 February 2005: “Dear Meg, thanks for that wonderful room. It was a real pleasure to stay in this lovely place and to have you as our friendly host. PS, Regina loves that tiny little toilet!”

  • Katja van Stappershaf and Axelle de Dycker, Belgium, 4 Jan 2006: “Net als in een droom! Geweldig! Om nooit meer te vergeten. Bedankt”, and, “Authentic, charming, romantic, familiar to me. I’m planning to come back. Thank you Meg!”
  • Denis and Sue Montgomery, England, 24 Feb. 2006: “Why haven’t we been back before? It is such a great pleasure to find Southermost still here with all its magic, and to renew our acquaintance with Meg. We WILL be back sooner!”
  • Stephan and Markus, Frankfurt, 4 March 2006: “Meg, with all the fishermen in town we were glad to be your guests in a place home away from home. Hope to meet again one day and sleep in the southernmost beds of Africa. Thanks so much!”
  • Marcus Reich, Berlin, Germany, 16-19 March 2006: “Even though we’ve been travelling to so many places before, we’ve never stayed in such a beautiful, charming house like this before. Thankyou so much for everything.”
  • Meinholf Kuper, Dar-es-Salaam, 16-19 March, 2006: “A very lovely place with a very lovely management. Meg, thanks a lot for your warm hospitality. My soul says that I should come back here!”
  • Anna Baird, Australia and Berlin, 16-19 March 2006: “Thankyou for an absolutely amazing, unforgettable time. The atmosphere and feeling of your beach house is pure joy.”
  • Bente Grue, Denmark, December 2009: “Dear Meg, this is an absolutely fantastic place – beautiful house, southeaster storm, garden. I feel so much at home here!!  Hope to see you again.”
  • Marine van der Veen and Attie Nauta, Groningen, The Netherlands, 22-23 January 2010. “Perfect hostess who really made us feel very welcome.  Lovely to experience the true contact that made our stay very special.”
  • Christine and Torben Heimann, Munchen, Germany, 5-6 February 2010. “At one with nature – most beautiful B&B in South Africa! Thank you so much for your hospitality at this magic place.”
  • Hilma Reinhardt and Hanns-Jorg Maier, Germany, 13-16 December 2010: “This place came as the most wonderrful surprise!! Planning on 1 night and ending up with 3! Stunning feeling, relaxing aura, and those wonderful long walks!! Thank you Meg, we will rememnber this wonderful Southermost!!”
  • Marianne and Francois Maritz, Phil and Christine, South Africa, 9 February 2011. “We really enjoyed ourselves and enjoy the character of the place and the great hospitality. Thank you. P.S. Never change a thing!”
  • Marc Tobler, Switzerland, 11 March 2011. “My third wonderful stay at your wonderful paradise Meg! I was so lucky – the weather was just perfect after many windy and rainy weeks. Thank you very much.”









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